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"The Complete Book of
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"The Complete Book of
DIY Cat Tree Construction"


Bird's Nest Cat Gym

Height:  60"

Level 1:  Square 24" x 24",  with a 12" high step

Level 2:  Square 24" x 24",  with 10" center opening

Level 3:  Triangle 24" sides,  18" deep

Base:  24" x 24"

Sisal Rope:  Two scratching posts

If your cats like to climb and play through openings, Bird's Nest will be perfect.  Level 1is 22" high with a mini step leading to level 2 at 47" high.  The 10" center opening makes climbing easy.  Level 3 is a big triangle shelf at 60" high made for relaxing with a view.  This cat tree has two sisal scratching posts and is built on a large 24" x 24" base.  Ideal for one or more cats.

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